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Bell Work in Avalon

Bell work notices have gone out to residents in Avalon. Work has commenced this week and will continue into July. The work being done will take place on the city-owned right-of-way.

Work will be conducted on the following streets:

  • Du Plateau Street

  • Valdor Way

  • Avebury Drive

  • Liska Street

  • Hiboux Street

  • Assomption Street

  • Melanson Crescent

  • Valenceville Crescent

  • Rexton Street

  • Ricardo Street

  • Evangeline Street

  • St. Bruno Street

  • Chardonnay Drive

  • Pelican Street

  • Repentigny Drive

  • Scala Avenue

  • Esprit Drive

  • Brian Coburn Boulevard

  • Selene way

  • Lakeridge Drive

  • Monaco Place

  • Branthaven Street

  • St. Alexi Walk

  • Southfield Way

  • Montmorency Way

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