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Hiring for Councillor Assistant - Caseworker

Councillor’s Assistant IV – Case Work & Community Relations

Department, Portfolio: Councillors, Elected Representatives

# FT position - 35hrs/week

Salary: Commensurate with experience; competitive salary and excellent benefits package

The ideal fit for this position is a curious, compassionate individual who is interested in helping others and thrives in a team environment. The successful candidate will provide a comprehensive range of services in support of the Councillor and the Councillor’s office, including assisting with constituency case work, maintaining existing spreadsheets and record systems, organizing meetings and events, answering calls and responding to inquiries, liaising with other community stakeholders, and completing other administrative duties. An interest in or some experience doing communications work is an asset.

Duties Include:

  • Receive and respond to telephone calls, emails, and letters from constituents, City staff, City Council members, and triaging correspondence to the appropriate team member

  • Respond to constituents and other individuals who may visit the Councillor’s office / ward office in person to place an inquiry

  • Contacting the appropriate City department to obtain the required information and following up with the constituent to respond to their inquiry. Alternatively, connecting the constituent with the appropriate department staff and following up to ensure that the resolution is satisfactory.

  • Utilizing tracking software to maintain a record of callers and providing the Councillor with regular reports on the history of callers

  • Process correspondence addressed to the City Councillor by regularly reviewing emails, letters, and other correspondence from constituents and other sources. Providing prompt, relevant, and informed responses about the City’s policies and programs, or City Council and Committee agendas.

  • Partner with community stakeholders to address issues in the community, organize community events, and assist with various community initiatives

  • Attending and participating in community association meetings and events.

  • Liaising with other elected officials and community members.

Other duties as needed:

  • May assist in coordinating events throughout the community to engage with constituents and promote City services and programs

  • May assist in updating and monitoring ward social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter)

  • May attend and provide support at open office hours

  • May write letters of support for community groups seeking grant funding for projects

Skills Required:

  • Ability to multi-task and address competing priorities

  • Extensive experience working in customer-facing positions

  • Solid problem-solving skills and the ability to think creatively to resolve issues

  • A strong desire to help others and support community growth

  • An interest in or minor experience doing communications and social media work

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to

We sincerely thank every applicant for their interest, but we will only contact those whom we are seeking to interview.

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