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New Vaccine Waitlist Tool for Same-Day Openings at Community Clinics

Residents can now use an online tool to book last-minute, same-day COVID-19 vaccinations at community clinics in Ottawa. The tool allows eligible residents to sign up daily for a COVID-19 vaccine wait list to receive a first or second dose appointment. As appointments open up, Ottawa Public Health contacts the resident by text, email or phone.

All appointments are for unclaimed doses and could become available at any time of the day. You will be asked to arrive for your appointment by a particular time. You can choose to accept the appointment or not. The tool resets at 11:59 pm daily, so interested residents should register after that time each day.

The tool lets residents select their preferred area of the city: west, east or central. The clinics with last-minute openings each day may vary, depending on their vaccine availability.

All Ottawa residents age 12 or older are eligible to receive a first dose. You are eligible for a second dose of the vaccine if you:

The wait-list tool was initially implemented for highest risk health care workers and is now being expanded for use by all eligible residents. This tool helps residents receive a vaccine more quickly, and also helps the clinics operate more efficiently by enabling them to administer all of the vaccines prepared for use each day.

Community clinics are administering the mRNA vaccines (Modern and Pfizer), and residents will be informed on-site which one they are receiving. Since interchanging vaccines is safe and effective, the priority is to receive two doses of any vaccine to complete the series and be fully protected.

Individuals who already have an appointment for a later date are eligible for the wait list. Those who secure an appointment through the waitlist will be asked to cancel the future appointment upon arrival at the clinic. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any other reason, visit the provincial booking system or use this tool.

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