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Orléans South-Navan Community Update | February 16, 2024

Councillor’s Message

A ton has happened in the past two weeks, whether it be at City Hall or around the community. From winter carnivals to a busy legislative agenda, several files have moved forward.

First up, some great news regarding community association insurance. Last week, at Finance and Corporate Services Committee, my motion regarding the Community Partners Insurance Program (CPIP) was unanimously carried. When I was first elected in 2020, it was brought to my attention that the City covered insurance premiums for community associations that were founded pre-amalgamation and not for those who were assembled post. With insurance premiums surging, this not only created an inequity but put the community events that we have all come to love  –community BBQs, family fun days, free fitness programming, etc. – at risk of being discontinued due to the limited budget community associations work within to hold their events. In November 2023 when staff brought forward the recommendation to discontinue the program completely, I brought forward a motion to try and save it. The item was ultimately deferred due to lack of community consultation and I worked hard since then, connecting with my colleagues, staff, and key community members, to bring forward a compromise that balances community need with the viability and financial implications of the program. Under revised eligibility criteria, the motion was a huge win for our community associations across our city and it supports the countless volunteers who manage our outdoor rinks, host community events, and bring programming to our neighbourhoods.

Switching gears, let's talk about something that's been on everyone's radar: the National Auto Theft Summit held in Ottawa. Tougher prison sentences, bans on hacking devices, increased collaboration between law enforcement agencies, and more funding for the Canadian Border Services Agency – these are significant steps in combating car theft, especially in areas like ours, where it’s unfortunately an epidemic given our proximity to the Port of Montreal. I'll be keeping in close contact with Ottawa Police and Chief Stubbs to see how these outcomes translate into action locally, given in 2023, Orléans South-Navan vehicle thefts account for 7% of the total number of vehicles stolen in Ottawa that are reported and processed by police.

Speeding in rural areas has also been a recent topic of conversation at council. Last week, council approved a motion by my colleague in Rideau-Jock directing staff to explore whether the City’s Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) camera criteria fits within a rural context. Despite having over 60 automated speed enforcement cameras across the city, only 8 are in rural areas. With rural crashes accounting for a disproportionate number of vehicle fatalities, staff will determine if there are locations in Ottawa’s rural areas, specifically when entering villages, that are good candidates for ASE. Staff are collecting baseline speed data this year, with recommendations expected in 2025.

Speaking of our rural areas, The Sarsfield Winter Carnival was a great success! Huge thanks to the Sarsfield Community Association for putting together such a fantastic event. It's moments like these that truly showcase the strength of our community spirit! I look forward to seeing many of you at the Greater Avalon Community Association Winter Carnival this weekend (details below).

On a more serious note, in my role as the Chair of Ottawa Public Health, my focus in recent months has been on the overdose crisis that is affecting residents in our city and across the nation. The complex issue is compounded by interrelated challenges of increased mental health concerns and the homelessness crisis. Together with Dr Etches’ team, colleagues and numerous community partners, we are working hard to identify supports and related funding needs that could reduce the harms caused by substance abuse in our communities.

Finally, a quick shoutout to all the recipients of the Ottawa Sports Awards – it was great to be part of the celebrations, honouring the finest is our city’s sports community. I was proud to join in the award presentations, including to Ward 19’s Cumberland Cricket Club!

Stay warm,


A reminder that city services are impacted on February 19. My office is also closed for the day. Happy Family Day!

Update on the Navan Road lane closure

I had previously communicated that Navan Road between Renaud and Mer Bleue was expected to fully reopen by mid-January, per the request by the developer Ashcroft and traffic management staff.

I recently heard back from city staff that Ashcroft’s contractors have once again been delayed, and they will need to continue to keep the road partially closed until the last week of February. The current road closure and sewer work being done on Navan is necessary to address deficiencies in the work that was completed last year by the developer.

I completely appreciate that this road has been a construction headache in recent years and understand that this continues cause disruption to your commute. I want to sincerely thank you for patience.

TOMORROW (Saturday, Feb 17) - Greater Avalon Community Association’s Winter Carnival

Join the Greater Avalon Community Association for their winter carnival tomorrow, Saturday, February 17th from 2 – 4 pm at Aquaview Park for an afternoon of family fun, including cookies, hot chocolate, wagon rides, face painting, music, and fire pits.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Continuing to bring forward concerns and find solutions on Sweetvalley Drive

This past Tuesday, I met on site with city planners, the school board and their transportation consultants to bring forward concerns about traffic management for the proposed school. I will continue to keep you updated on those conversations.

Clarification on the Portobello Boulevard Automated Speed Enforcement camera

As mentioned in previous newsletters and on social media, the Automated Speed Enforcement camera on Portobello Boulevard is now active and has been since mid-October. Being in a school zone, like several others across the city, the speed limit changes depending on the day and time, and I wanted to remind everyone of those details:

  • The speed limit in the area is 40 km/h from September to June, Monday to Friday, from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

  • This also includes non-school weekdays between September – June such as PD days, statutory holidays, etc.

  • Outside of these times, the speed limit is 50 km/h.

These details are indicated by signage on Portobello. The standardized time was recommended to provide consistency at all school zone locations as this is an important factor to help road users understand what to expect when entering a school zone.

The school zone signage is standardized city-wide and is installed as per the prescribed regulations of the provincial Highway Traffic Act.

A reminder that Councillors cannot reverse or reduce tickets.

For more information on ASE cameras, please visit

Avalon Vista Phase 2 construction

Since early February, Minto has begun work on Phase 2 of its Avalon Vista community. Residents that abut the parcel (Lakebreeze, Mirabeau, Winterspring, Esprit, Vallier, and Sunshine) will notice crews digging, excavating, and moving dirt.

This work is anticipated to take about a month, followed by a continuation of construction until full completion, which is targeted for Spring 2026. Residents within 30 metres of the construction site were provided notice in late-January along with the offering of a pre-construction survey by Minto.

My office will be organizing an information session for residents before the construction begins in earnest. Details to come. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jean-Michel Le Blanc from Minto directly at

I’ve added their pre-construction FAQ to my website for easy access. It can be viewed here:

Share your input in advance of an upcoming Ward 19 business town hall

My team and I are gearing up to host an Orléans South-Navan specific town hall for our local business community.

If you own or operate a business in Ward 19, I want to hear from you! Your insights and opinions matter as we shape the agenda for this meeting.

Please take a moment to fill out our online form by here:

Get involved in Hôpital Montfort’s 2024-2028 strategic planning

Montfort is holding community consultations and public lectures to help develop its next strategic plan. Their new strategic plan, to be launched in November, will articulate approximately five key goals and 15 outcomes to be achieved by October 2028 which will mark Montfort’s 75th anniversary.

It’s your chance to have your say about the future of our hospital and of health care, teaching and research in our community.

At least eight public consultations are planned:

Montfort will also hold thought-provoking public lecture series to inform its strategic choices. These will include prominent guest speakers:

 You can also provide input at any time towards Montfort’s 2024-2028 strategic plan by email at

Please respect dog on leash designation in parks

Recently, multiple residents have brought forward concerns about dogs being off leash in areas where it is not permitted. For the safety of all people who use City parks, we ask you to respect all "Dogs on Leash" designations, which permits dog handlers to bring only leashed dogs into a park. The dogs must be always under control.

We want all users of our public spaces, including our beloved four legged friends, to be able to enjoy themselves and feel safe. Please also remember to pick up after your pet.

For more information, please visit

Urgent need for crossing guards in Avalon

Join the Ottawa Safety Council’s (OSC) dedicated, community-minded team of Adult Crossing Guards!

Great reasons to join the OSC’s crossing guard team:

  • Make a real difference in your own community!

  • Get to know your neighbours

  • Help local families

  • Become a trusted face in your neck of the woods

  • Enjoy supplementary income and perks

Interested in learning more? Get all the details on becoming a crossing guard from our website at or contact Ella at

Ottawa receives $176.3 million in federal funds for affordable housing

Monday was a big day for Ottawa! Our city is receiving $176.3 million through the Federal Government’s Housing Accelerator Fund that will help build 32,000 new homes in the next decade.

It was wonderful to join so many of my colleagues for the announcement. I want to thank Mayor Mark Sutcliffe for his leadership on securing a significant investment in affordable housing for our city.

Have your say on the City’s draft Solid Waste Master Plan

Until Thursday, March 7, you're invited to share your thoughts on the City’s draft Solid Waste Master Plan. The Waste Plan is a roadmap for how the City of Ottawa will manage waste over the next 30 years.

Visit to take a survey and register to participate in a virtual information session or an in-person open house. Here are a few dates to keep in mind:

  • Thursday February 29: Virtual information session: 7 pm to 9 pm

  • Monday March 4: Ray Friel Rec Complex: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

  • Wednesday March 6: Virtual information session: 7 pm to 9 pm

Volunteer Firefighters needed

Ottawa Fire has initiated its annual recruit campaign for Volunteer Firefighters until March 31st.  Although OFS accepts applications all year round, there’s a significant push now to receive new recruits. 

If you’re interested, please visit for more information and consider joining a great group of individuals helping our community.

Be Ottawa’s first Nightlife Commissioner!

The City is officially looking for someone to be the first “night mayor.”

The Nightlife Commissioner will serve as the steward of the city's nightlife economy, lead the implementation of the Nightlife Economy Action Plan, and help shape the future of Ottawa’s nightlife.

The Nightlife Commissioner will collaborate with partners and stakeholders to influence and enhance community safety and wellbeing, quality of life and commercial vibrancy across the city.

If you’re interested in the job, please visit the posting here:

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