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An update from councillor Catherine Kitts

I wanted to share how I continue to be in awe of how our community comes together in good and tough moments. It was heartbreaking news in late-October when we learned about the devastating fire at Country Moments Spa and Wellness Center. Amanda gives so much to this community, and it is heartwarming to know in return we continue to rally around her as she looks to rebuild. My thanks to all those who continue to support this beloved Navan small business.

I also want to thank all who came out to either the east-end or rural budget consultations. While the line items in the budget are still being negotiated, I can confirm that one big ticket item is that the final section of Frank Kenny (from Russel to Colonial Road) will be resurfaced in 2024.

Speaking of roads, as the City gears up for another winter season, ensuring the safety and accessibility of our roads and sidewalks is a top priority. A reminder that crews strive to achieve an initial cleanup of residential roads within 10-16 hours from the end of a significant snow event (7 cm or more). If you have a winter maintenance related request that exceeds that timeframe, your best bet is to first call 3-1-1. My office is also more than happy to help should complications arise. You can also register to receive e-notifications whenever a winter weather parking ban is announced at

I also wanted to share that while there’s interest from members of our community to create a National Indigenous Healing Forest on Smith Road, which has been discussed at Navan Community Association meetings, this project is still in a very preliminary stage. Currently, the Anishinabe Algonquin Nation Consultative Culture Circle is looking into the request. Their review will inform potential next steps, which would absolutely include a public consultation process before any decision is made.

Finally, as December begins, I’m wishing you a very happy holiday season!

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