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Elected in 2020 through a by-election in the first wave of the pandemic, I have spent the last few years diving into the most pressing challenges our community is facing, listening to your concerns and advocating for

positive change. 

Catherine Kitts sitting in a desk

Our Progress

  • Received unanimous support for resolving NCC dispute over Brian Coburn extension

  • Saved the Nantes Woods

  • Secured millions in road resurfacing in 2022 and infrastructure projects for our ward

  • Added traffic calming to over 70 streets and new cycling connections on major arterials since elected 

  • Key investments in parks: $1.3M for the Miracle League’s accessible playground, skating shelter at Vista, and rink upgrades in Navan and Sarsfield

  • Opened Hunsdeep Rangar Park and the picnic shelter at Millennium Park

  • Approved the new Small Business tax subclass, benefitting over 10, 000 small businesses in the city 

  • Advocated for more bilingual recreational programming for our youth and seniors

Catherine Kitts Wearing a mask

Continuing the Work for You

I take the time to understand the issue, listen to all sides, consult, and find a practical solution.

  • Resolve dispute with the NCC to move forward on the Brian Coburn Bypass extension project

  • Improve traffic flow at key intersections (Brian Coburn / Tenth Line)

  • Ensure that bus rapid transit corridors, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and potential for high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes are considered in all future major road projects

  • Continue to strengthen investment in east end road resurfacing

  • Move forward on dedicated bus corridor in South Orléans 

  • Secure a smoother transition into Stage 2 LRT including a longer period for testing, improved bus service, pedestrian and cyclist access to east end stations

  • Demand an improved procurement process for Stage 3 LRT, eliminate bids that do not meet the minimum technical requirements from moving forward in process

  • Increased collaboration with OC Transpo to improve bus service to east end residents, we need increased frequency of select routes at peak times, including express routes

  • Push for innovative rural transportation solutions. Reliable and accessible rural transportation is a barrier for many rural residents looking to accessing services and resources

Affordability & Small Business
  • Voting record on keeping property taxes low while finding ways to streamline services 

  • Create affordable housing near major transit hubs by supporting smart and mixed-use development of land in proximity to the Orléans Light Rail Transit Corridor

  • Hold provincial and federal government to account on delivering social services

  • Make certain small businesses are equipped and supported to navigate these challenging times

  • Improving small business engagement and foster east-end economic development with an east-end economic summit.

  • Expanded in-person seniors programming at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre

  • Support the Navan Nifty 50 Plus Senior Club, Navan Lions Club, and other community groups

  • Advocate that taxes remain low and affordable, especially for those on fixed incomes

  • Fight for the needed financial assistance from the Province following the May 21st Derecho storm

  • Protect farmland and the character of rural villages with the upcoming review of zoning bylaws with the pending ministerial approval of the Official Plan

  • In the rural area, roads have been badly neglected – impacting our farming community and rural small businesses. We need to invest in rural road maintenance, specifically resurfacing North/South routes

  • We must recommit to promises broken after amalgamation, invest in our rural area, protect agricultural land and support our volunteer firefighters.

  • Champion the city's Rural Economic Development Strategy Plan to stimulate economic growth

  • Advocate for high-speed broadband internet options in our rural communities in support of increased 'Work From Home' realities

  • Ensure smart development of 15-minute communities, with existing neighbourhoods in mind, as we manage growth in Orléans South-Navan

  • Protect agricultural land and green space, and prioritize urban forest features like the Nantes Woods and supporting 'adopting park' initiatives 

  • Secure action on needed infrastructure upgrades

  • Continue to invest in enhancing road safety and traffic calming measures, specially near school zones

  • Expand automated speed enforcement program

  • Move forward on district park at François Dupuis Recreation Centre

  • Secure a permanent home for the Cumberland Cricket Club

  • Work with the Miracle League on Phase 2 of their accessible playground

  • Increase and enhance dog parks in our ward

  • Lobby for increase AODA standards in our public parks and begin design on a new community centre in Orléans South

  • Continue to champion Orléans Rotary Climate Action Team’s project for an “Orléans Youth Forest” 

  • Continue to support Orléans South-Navan's community associations and their neighbourhood-specific projects

  • Overhaul 3-1-1 to ensure greater reliability and timeliness of action upon submitting services requests

  • Park maintenance and enhanced bilingual recreational programming 


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