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City Replacing Aging Small Water Meters with New High-Resolution Models

The City, in partnership with Neptune Technology Group, is about to begin a four-year project to replace 85,000 aging small water meters with new high-resolution meters in Ottawa, This year, Neptune Technology will kick off by installing 10,000 meters in homes in Capital, Rideau-Vanier and Rideau-Rockcliffe wards starting in early August.

Water meters are the property of the City of Ottawa and require replacing after their lifecycle – which can be up to 25 years. As a condition of service, the City will be replacing these aging water meters in order to effectively support the delivery of drinking water to households and businesses.

Your new water meter will ensure continued accurate billing and enable enhanced online features through including the ability to:

  • View usage data right down to the litre – which can help detect even the smallest leaks

  • Sign up for advanced leak and usage alerts

Visit to read more about how to view your usage online and subscribe for leak alerts

When Neptune Technology Group is in your community, you will receive information at your home that prompts you to book an appointment that is convenient for you – including weekends or evenings, if spots are available. Booking an appointment is quick and easy and can be done either online or through Neptune’s call centre.

The installation time for a new meter is approximately 30 to 90 minutes, and will require the water to be shutoff by Neptune Technology technicians during that time.

COVID-safety protocols in place

The health and safety of residents and the Neptune Technology technicians is the number one priority for the City and Neptune Technology Group. All public health measures and COVID-safety protocols will be in place during the installation, such as:

  • Technicians will wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) – including masks and gloves

  • Maintain physical distancing with clients at all times

  • Allow homeowners to open all the doorways to the water meter area

  • Sanitizing all installed equipment and instruments

  • Contactless acknowledgement for work completed

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