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Fall and Winter Operations of the Public

The Roads and Parking Services team is responsible for the City’s winter maintenance program. It is committed to helping make Ottawa’s roads, sidewalks and winter cycling network safe and passable for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. An effective winter maintenance program is essential for the municipality to function under normal winter weather conditions.

Under significant winter storm conditions – i.e., those that exceed normal conditions –or when Environment Canada issues a winter weather hazard, the City may call a “significant weather event” meaning that it may take longer to clear the snow and winter operations will be carried out based on the capacity of resources. This will be done in as continuous a manner as possible to keep the roads, sidewalks and winter cycling network safe and may include multiple passes of the same area due to accumulation. This will give crews the flexibility to provide relief in residential areas, while simultaneously maintaining and clearing priority roads.

Winter Weather Parking Bans

From November 15 to April 1, when Environment Canada forecasts 7cm or more of snow or

significant ice in the Ottawa area, a winter weather parking ban may be called. The ban is called to support winter operations. When there are no vehicles on the road, operators can more effectively clear the roads and catch basins of ice and snow.

New this year, the winter weather parking ban will be called at set times to allow residents to


• A call by 9:00 AM for an overnight parking ban; overnight parking bans are from 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM.

• A call by 3:30 PM for a daytime parking ban; daytime parking bans are from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

Vehicles without a residential parking permit that are parked on the street during a winter weather parking ban will be ticketed and towed. To support local businesses, a program started last year to allow for paid parking on designated commercial main streets during winter weather parking bans will be continued this winter.

When an overnight winter parking ban is in effect, the City issues a special advisory to the local media and posts it on Residents can also sign up for notifications, receive Winter Parking Alerts by email, or follow the City of Ottawa on Twitter.

Where to park during a winter weather parking ban?

Over the past two years, the City has increased the number of available parking alternatives

during a winter weather event to include designated park and ride locations and recreation

centres, as well as some municipal garages. Parking is available at specific times, and residents are responsible for observing the guidelines, or they will have to pay the regular parking rate for their stay. During a severe winter weather event, additional flexibility around winter weather parking bans will be required.

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