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Hardscaping on the City’s Right-of-Way

As you plan your outdoor spaces remember to keep items like river rock or other landscaping items from the City’s right-of-way (ROW). These can cause issues in winter for snow clearing equipment or when emergency repairs are required.

When setting up your yard, remember to keep the City’s ROW clear. It houses infrastructure such as sewers, water and gas pipes. Items like river rock and other landscaping can impede emergency repairs.

  • The land between the road and your yard/property line belongs to the City and is known as the "right-of-way."

  • This area belongs to the City because:

    • It houses City infrastructure such as sewers, water and gas pipes and other elements such as trees

    • It allows the City to expand the roadway or to add infrastructure such as sidewalks.

  • It can cause problems for the City and for you as it might interfere with City operations.

  • During snow clearing, items like river rock often get picked up by plows and dragged onto the roadway or thrown by a snowblower. This can cause damage to the plows and their blades. It can also damage the roadway itself.

  • The City is not responsible for any damage to decorative features and hard scaping within the ROW

  • Anyone wanting decorative features in the ROW may need to enter into an encroachment agreement with the City.

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