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Proactive speed enforcement key to keeping our roads safe

One of the most frequent issues residents bring forward to my office is regarding speeding and dangerous driving in our community. As your councillor, and as Vice-chair of the City’s Transportation committee, I am a strong advocate of measures to stop stunt driving and speeding on our local roads.

As our community continues to grow, traffic volumes have increased, and we must ensure roads are safe for all users, from children to seniors.

Recently, I had the opportunity to take Ottawa Police Chief Eric Stubbs on a tour of our ward to showcase the need for enhanced safety measures and proactive speed enforcement. Ottawa Police Service (OPS) has been receptive to my concerns, and I’m looking forward to the stabilization of its traffic enforcement team and returning to a “district model”, which aims to ensure a stronger presence in our community.

Year after year, my office diligently tracks all speeding complaints and works with the City’s traffic assessment professionals to implement new measures where they will have the greatest impact. I have always invested my entire discretionary traffic calming budget, and this year is no exception. While the need remains great, my office has already started compiling a list of locations to suggest for new measures to implement in the spring.

This is an ongoing effort, and I am thankful for the support and collaboration from both OPS and residents that continue to provide me with feedback.

As we transition from fall to the winter season, you will soon notice the removal of flex stakes from local roads. This is an annual, routine part of our winter road operations. Clearing them leaves room for snowplows, salt trucks, and other maintenance vehicles to keep our roads safe and accessible in the winter months.

Road safety is a shared responsibility, so let’s all slow down and play a collective role in preventing dangerous driving in our amazing community.

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